Project Bauchi State, Nigeria: 

Global Agribusiness Ventures Inc (GAV) recently entered into an exclusive Contract, with Bauchi State Government in Nigeria, to develop and establish sustainable and integrated agricultural development programs ranging from complete cropping systems and processing as well as livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture systems for Bauchi State. Based on current scope, this PPP will be the largest Agricultural  project in both Nigeria and on the continent of Africa at this time!

In addition to developing Modern Agricultural Production programs featuring Maize, Soybeans, Rice, Wheat, Cotton, Vegetables, Oils and Bio-Fuels, GAV has agreed to help develop over 1million acres of Irrigable cropland into Agricultural Production over a 10-year period.

The Bauchi State engagement will also include, Beef cattle programs, Dairy Programs, Small Ruminant Programs, Veterinary programs for Domestic and Wildlife management in addition to all necessary Infrastructure & Logistics needs.

Phase 1, Cropland will consist of 150,000-acres of Irrigable land in Northeast Bauchi State ear-marked for Rice/Wheat/Cotton/Vegetables, 75,000-acres of irrigable Crop-land in South Central Bauchi State designated for Maize/Soybeans/Cotton/Vegetables and 25,000-acres of Cropland around Bauchi City for multiple use designations.

The program starts with developing reliable power and energy alternatives, complete infrastructure and logistics systems and ends with Humanitarian programs featuring: Healthcare, Schools, Daycare, Pharmacy, Food Security, Veterinary Care, University and Trades Educational Opportunities, Jobs, Wealth Creation via GAV Inc Agricultural HUB Sites.

The largest population and economy, in Africa, with over 50% of current food needs being imported, this is the opportunity for GAV Inc partner with Bauchi State to make a lasting difference.

Project Zambia, Southern Africa Pending Feasibility Studies

A Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project to implement a “Power to Plate Program” that includes production of clean energy, food and Ag processing while reducing carbon foot prints and ecological issues concerning grey water and raw sewage. A form of wealth creation using natural resources. The end goal of the Power to Plate Program will be to improve the delivery and access to public services for the residents of Chingola, and in so doing actualize the vision to be a prosperous city with a sustainable socio-economic base and a healthy population. The opportunities realized via the Public Private Partnership will be instrumental in the investment, provision and management of public infrastructure for the future population growth of Chingola and other peri-urban areas beyond 2040.

The Joint Venture will implement the Power to Plate Program as an integrated project utilizing Agriculture development, tied to Food Security and Nutrition backing into key infrastructure development and upgrades such as:

  • Hydro Power Generation
  • Sewage Pond Pump Stations
  • Bio Digestors

Existing Projects

Project Tanzania, Existing: Feasibility Studies completed

A $1.3 billion Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the Government of Tanzania to develop Renewable Energy infrastructure in Dar es Salaam and Arusha City capable of fueling economic activity and increased competitiveness of Tanzania as a preferred foreign investment destination in East Africa. 

Project Zambia, Existing: Pending Feasibility Studies

A $2 billion Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the Industrial Development Corporation(IDC) in Zambia to develop and establish a national Agricultural Transformation Agenda.