Our services are geared to helping partnering national governments in low to lower-middle income countries achieve food security and jump-start local economies by establishing sustainable and integrated agricultural development programs with a scope ranging from Infrastructure, logistics and administration, cropping to processing as well as livestock, poultry and aquaculture development amongst other key programs.

  • Project administration and management of sustainable agribusiness with support infrastructure on which to feed rapidly growing populations.
  • Design and mapping of commercial sites to bring modern large-scale Agriculture infrastructure
  • Poverty alleviation – developing integrated and inclusive economic programs critical for improving the productivity and incomes of small-holder/subsistence farmers, as well commercial large-scale operations, that promote sustainable food production systems and resilient agricultural practices.
  • General food development contractor – utilizing key critical capabilities to meet the unique challenges and food security needs in low to lower-middle income countries. We combine Operational Efficiency, Innovation and Go-To Market Excellence to hand-craft solutions that guarantee success.