Global Agribusiness Ventures Inc

Accelerating Sustainable Global Agriculture and Inclusive
Economic Development Partnerships


Global Agribusiness Ventures Inc

Accelerating Sustainable Global Agriculture and Inclusive
Economic Development Partnerships


Global Agribusiness Ventures Inc

Accelerating Sustainable Global Agriculture and Inclusive
Economic Development Partnerships


Global AgriBusiness Ventures Inc

Global Agribusiness Ventures (GAV) Inc., is a network of agribusiness and project management experts headquartered in Northwest Arkansas. We specialize in accelerating sustainable macro agriculture development, and accompanying Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in public works and infrastructure development as part of our inclusive economic development services through global resources and a network of strategic partners and universities.

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We Fill In Capacity Gaps

Promoting National Ownership

How We Do It

We bring modern Agriculture to far-flung areas where Agriculture has predominantly been defined through micro/subsistence farming, lifting communities out of social-economic poverty, enhancing food security programs, while developing community centered wealth and creating long term value for nations.

We achieve this by creating value, connecting provincial governments and emerging enterprises with necessary expertise to make a positive difference in society, enabling scalability while strategically leveraging our management expertise, pool of global multi-stakeholder collaborators and financial acumen.

Our company’s offerings are provided to national governments, government entities and the private sector.

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Typical Case Study –
How We Deliver Success

Our partnerships start at Ground Zero.  Our solutions are delivered at the frontier of poor communities often cut off from roads, water sanitation, or electricity generation.  In most of these communities, this basic infrastructure designed to support a few thousand people in the 1960’s, has not been upgraded to accommodate population growth or energy demands of developing nations. A partnering national government is typically faced with a combination of socio-economic and infrastructure challenges including:

  • Insufficient energy capacity to power or meet growing energy demands capable of supporting a growing economy.
  • Poor farm- to-market infrastructure.
  • Poorly maintained road network or no road network at all.
  • Rail system with outdated rail-based freight transportation capabilities. Integrated rail, intermodal, trucking, freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution services are uneconomical or not available.
  • Water resources but no way to efficiently deliver it to crops.
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Our Services

Project Administration

Project administration and management of sustainable agribusiness with support infrastructure on which to feed rapidly growing populations.

Design & Mapping

Design and mapping of commercial sites to bring modern large-scale Agriculture infrastructure

Poverty Alleviation

Poverty alleviation – developing integrated and inclusive economic programs critical for improving the productivity and incomes of small-holder/subsistence farmers, as well commercial large-scale operations, that promote sustainable food production systems and resilient agricultural practices

General Food Development Contractor

utilizing key critical capabilities to meet the unique challenges and food security needs in low and lower-middle income countries. We combine Operational Efficiency, Innovation, and Go-to-Market Excellence to hand-craft solutions that guarantee success

Lifecycle of our Public-Private
Partnership (PPP) Projects

Program engagement & letter of intent
Resilience Program planning supported by in-country evaluations & needs assessment
MOU & Establishment of JV
Feasibility study

Joint business planning to develop a country-specific sustainable scalable strategy
Implementation & capacity building
Monitoring, Control, Evaluation and Learning
Project handoff


“This Bauchi Project will be the biggest State sponsored Agricultural endeavor ever undertaken in Nigeria and across Africa in its current scope. This project will not only put Bauchi on the world map, it will serve as an economic driver to uplift the State for generations to come.”

Hon. A. Musa - Director General, Bauchi State Investment Promotion Agency.


“The proposed program by Global Agribusiness Ventures Inc. will go a long way to improve the delivery and access to public services for the residents of Chingola, and in so doing actualize the vision of MWS to be a prosperous city with a sustainable socio-economic base and a healthy population. I believe, the opportunities realized though this Public Private Partnership will be instrumental in the investment, provision and management of public infrastructure for the future population growth of our City beyond 2040”

Mr. S. Siame - Director Finance Mulonga Water and Sewerage Co. Ltd.